20          YORK CO, PA WILL BOOK A, 1749-1762

                              Surname Index 

Genealogical excerpts from surviving early York County wills.

[October 1982 - 42 pages]                                               $10.00


    40          UNRECORDED WILLS of YORK COUNTY, PA, 1749-1798

                  Introduction and Surname Index 

Abstract of 151 probated, but unrecorded, wills found in the will books (or microfilm copies) at the court house. Includes the testator's name, reason or suspected reason the will was not recorded, summary of contents of will (especially family relationships, land, and similar valuable information), interesting or unusual statements and directions, date written, executor(s), witnesses (and if they signed in German, English, or "marked"), date of probate, witnesses involved in proving the will (and if they affirmed or made oath) and name of Register of Wills.

[October 1989 - 62 pages]                                               $15.00


    55          INDEX to the WILLS and ADMINISTRATION BONDS of

                 ADAMS COUNTY, PA, 1800-1864


An alphabetical listing from the original index of decedents in the Office of the Register and Recorder in the Gettysburg Courthouse, Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania. Entries give: name of decedent, year of record, W (will) or A (administration bond), and file number assigned to decedent's estate.

[September 1997 - 102 pages]                                        $20.00



                 ISSUES, WILL CAVEATS and CITATIONS, 1782-1839

                  Introduction and Surname Index

A list of will caveat proceedings of divisive family feuds over the validity of a Last Will and Testament, and a list of 1810 citations (commencing July 1810).

[March 2008 - 64 pages]                                                 $15.00



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