1             NOTORIAL DOCKET of GEORGE CARUTHERS, 1810-1812

                  Introduction and Every Name Index

Complete copy of the original docket book of George Caruthers, York Co, PA, Notary Public (May 1810 to 13 April 1812). Entries contain information such as: business transactions; soldiers certificates and collections of bounty, pensions and military pay; letters of and powers of attorney for debt collections, estate settlements, receipt of inheritance, land sales, rent collections and granting of servants "Liberty Pass"; invention of a threshing machine and sale of a bridge patent right. Locations mentioned: York and other Pennsylvania counties, places in Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Germany, Ireland and Scotland.

[October 1977 - 21 pages]                                                $5.00


   19           YORK CO, PA RECORDS of APPRENTICES, 1860-1911  

Surname Index

From the records of the Directors of the Poor for York County, Pennsylvania, this list of apprentices provides date of contract, apprentice's name, master's name, occupation, residence of master, length of time of servitude, amount of schooling to be provided, freedoms, remarks, etc.

[July 1982 - 16 pages]                                                      $5.00




Introduction and Surname Index

Abstract of records of Naturalizations (1695-1773) found in Colonial Records (Minutes of the Provincial Council), Volumes 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10; the Statutes at Large of Pennsylvania, Volumes II, III, IV, VI, VII and VIII; Pennsylvania Archives, Series 1, Volumes 1, 3 and 4.

[October 1983 - 24 pages]                                                $5.00


   27           RECORD BOOK of OVERSEERS of the POOR for the

                  BOROUGH of YORK, PA, 1799-1804 

Introduction and Surname Index

Contains: (1) record of income and expenditures of the Overseers; (2) alphabetical listing of the assessed inhabitants of the Borough of York; and (3) abstracts of relevant laws of Pennsylvania pertaining to the "relief of the poor".

[April 1984 - 39 pages]                                                    $10.00



                  BOROUGH of YORK, PA, 1792-1809

Introduction and Surname Index

Provides information/references to: aliases; apprenticeships; business partner problems; family disagreements; "high-born" French in Santo Domingo; horse thieves and others less than honest; indentured servants; negroes (free and slave); passes for travel; powers of attorney to collect debts, inheritances, interest from stock and pensions; and sibling claim releases.

[July 1985 - 90 pages]                                                    $15.00



                  ISSUED by COUNTY COMMISSIONERS (1835-1859) 

Introduction and Surname Index

As required by law, when requested by the owner(s) the Commissioners appraised land on which any purchase money was due to the Commonwealth. A record book was kept and used to "certify" the value of such lands. Most entries in the book include: names of individual(s) requesting appraisal; location of land by township; amount of acreage; date, method and by who land originally acquired; date of appraisement; valuation rating per acre; and amount of valuation per acre.

[October 1988 - 49 pages]                                               $10.00


   42           JOURNAL of JAMES L. PURDY of HOPEWELL TWP 

Every Name Index

The journal of James L. Purdy of Hopewell Township, York County, Pennsylvania to Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio, and points in-between. Plus additional brief information about his life, correspondence and papers. The journal includes information about his life and home (1793-1811) in the "barrens" are of York County, families from the area, their marriages and to where they moved, churches and other aspects of the area, his life in New York State, travels and adventures, and earlier life and business ventures in Mansfield.  

[April 1990 - 55 pages]                                                    $15.00


   47           MANORIAL HISTORY of the TOWN of YORK,


Introduction and Every Name Index

A brief history of the manor of York Town. Includes notes on individual lots with identification of consecutive lots owners; information about unnumbered lots; five early documents pertaining to the development of York Town; the 1762 incorporation petition of the inhabitants of York; applications (with names) made in 1764 for lots in York; and a map of "The Manorial Town of York".

[January 1992 - 45 pages]                                               $10.00


    56          YORK AREA PHOTOGRAPHERS, 1840-1997 


Lists York's oldest photographer, most prominent photographers, historic photo studios of the past, and a concise History of Photography. And, includes an index for the past and present York area photographers with business addresses and dates, lists photo finishers, dealers, suppliers, artists, graphic illustrators, microfilmers, and video producers.

[February 1998 - 92 pages]                                             $15.00



                  SKELTON, 1880-1890 & ISAAC W. SENFT, 1884-1888


Skelton's book includes 214 numbered entries, one of which pertains to shipping a body, six that pertain to removing bodies, and 207 burials. Senft was a carpenter, he made caskets and coffins. His calendar book lists names, dates and price charged. Both Skelton and Senft were from York County, Pennsylvania. Extracts and copies of the original books are included.

[November 1998 - 76 pages]                                           $15.00




An abstract and alphabetical listing from the Directors of the Poor minutes for 1846-1883, including name, description, date, and comments. Also a list of the Directors of the Poor for year 1804-1884.

[March 2002 - 31 pages]                                                 $10.00


    64          THE PETITION of 1747: A STUDY in YORK COUNTY'S


 Preface and Index 

Contains: (1) Birth of a County, Transcript of the Petition of 1747 and Sketches of the Petitioners; (2) Illustrations and Maps: York County (1750), Springettsbury Manor, Thomas Cresap Survey of 1733, and Christian Croll and John Proby tavern petitions (1750); (3) Petitioner arrivals before 1727 and for the years 1727 to 1748, Marks used as signatures for sixteen petitioners, Naturalization of 54 petitioners between 1740-1768, Julian (old style) and Georgian (new style) calendars; (4) Copy of the Original Petition of 1747.

[October 2005 - 171 pages]                                             $25.00



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