Jacob THOMAN (1723-1805) and son Johann Heinrich THOMAN (1757-1835) have been identified as Revolutionary War veterans based (partly or wholly) on the presence of the names Jacob and Johannes THOM as members of Jacob Beiber’s Company (pg 606 PA Archives Series 6-2). This seems questionable to me because whatever the 18th spelling (e.g. Domen, Dumy, etc.), it always implies a two syllable name, and THOM, an attested York County name, is not. Also an 18th century German list is most unlikely to list anyone named Johann Heinrich as Johannes. I would very much appreciate discussion on these questions with anyone knowledgeable about this era.


I am especially interested in the Cora Lydia (Shenberger) KELLY line, Civil War era extended family that lived in the Wrightsville, Pennsylvania area.



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