My wife and I have been researching for many (20+) years and have been quite successful in following my family's progeny back into the 1500's, however, the past several years have been quite vexing for us as we cannot make the specific, provable connection to the Brothers Spengler (Casper, Henry and Baltzer) who settled in York County in 1727 and 1732. We do believe there is a connection based on extensive research "around" them and their lineage. It has occurred to me that before I invest very much more time and money in my efforts it may be a good idea to find a direct male descendant of the brothers Spengler, alluded to above, and seek his cooperation in a DNA matching effort to determine if we are descended ultimately from the same line. If so, I will be encouraged to pursue my connection to an ancestor who dates back to the year 1150 (which I hope to do). To identify such a Spengler (Spangler is the modern American spelling now) man who is a member of a genealogy or historical society seems a good place to start, as they would understand and probably be willing to coopoerate. It appears that my line of Spenglers proceeds from the first wife of Lazarus Spengler and the York Brothers came from a line of Lazarus' second wife. So I hope a DNA match will confirm that I am on the right track. I would underwrite any and all expenses associated with such a project. I grew up in Reading, PA and my ancestor Johannes Michael Spengler immigrated to PA in 1737 and settled near Myerstown, PA where the house he built in 1745 still stands as a part of what used to be called The Tulpehocken Plantation.


Looking for information about Joshua PARRISH (14770-1840) married to Barbray THIMBLE. Worked at Parr's Mill in Germany Twp (1792-95). Friend Peter Yingling, parents, marriage, home, etc.?

Karl J. Parrish, 3211 Romilly Rd, Wilmington, DE 19810


Seeking information on the death of Alice (McGREW) BRANDON. She died 21 Jun 1835, probably in Adams Co, PA. She married ca 1775 to Walter BRANDON probably in York Co. Any information on this lady would be greatly appreciated.

Robert E. Dunkel, 6590 Charles Rd, Westerville, OH 43082


Tobias DANNER, b. 1780 unknown (possibly Fairview Twp, York Co, PA) d. 1840 in Indiana. He married unknown circa 1799 probably in Pennsylvania. He had five sons: Jacob b. 20 Jun 1800 and Solomon b 1805 both born in York Co, and Tobias b. 1813, Samuel b. 8 Sep 1814, and David Newton b. 31 May 1820 all born in Montgomery Co, Ohio. Jacob stayed in Fairview Twp, York Co and died 14 Feb 1892. Seeking information on Tobias and his father.


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